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Bradley James (Bradley Gregory James, Jr) is an English actor born on 11th October 1983 in Exeter, United Kingdom. He is popularly known for his role as Prince Arthur Pendragonin in the BBC TV series Merlin.

James was born in England but at the age of nine together with his family they moved to Jacksonville, Florida in the United States. He attended Crown Point Elementary School and later Fletcher Middle School before joining Madeley High School in Madeley, England. He earned his acting degree from the Drama Centre London.

He made his acting debut on in 2008 in an episode of Lewis where he played the part of Ben in the BBC Three drama Dis/Connected. He made his breakthrough in 2008 when he was cast as Prince Arthur who later became the King in the BBC One TV Series, Merlin.

After Marlin ended its run in 2012 James together with his co-star Colin Morgan went on an exploration of Arthurian legends for BBC Wales, The Real Merlin & Arthur, in 2009.

Bradley James Photo
Bradley James Photo

Bradley James Age

Bradley was born on October 1983 in Exeter, United Kingdom (35 years as at 2018)

Bradley James Height

Bradley stands at 1.83m / 5ft 11 inches

Bradley James Sisters

He has two sisters Natalie James and Stephanie James. In July 2014 he posted a photo with his sister Natalie

Bradley James Angel Coulby/ Girlfriend/ Married/ Wife

Bradley James and Angel Coulby featured on Merlin as Prince Arthur Pentdragon and Guinevere “Gwen” respectively. They began dating in 2011 but they are not married.

Bradley James Merlin/ Bradley James Arthur

Bradley plays Prince/King Arthur Pendragon the son and heir of Uther Pendragon. He is destined to unite the land of Albion. As a young prince, Arthur was spoiled, narrow-minded, and arrogant, though good-hearted; as time passed, he eventually matured and became best friends with his manservant, Merlin. This was partially due to his dislike of the way his father ruled, and also because of the influence Merlin had on him. Arthur tended to have negative opinions about Uther’s harsher policies, particularly his aversion to magic, but during his reign he kept his father’s decree banning magical practice due to
his war with Morgana. Arthur’s great conviction is in peace and justice, and during his reign he revived the Round Table and managed to establish peace between the five kingdoms for the first time in centuries.

Bradley James and Colin Morgan

Bradley and Colin Morgan both featured as main characters of Merlin as King Arthur and Merlin respectively. Merlin is the man servant of Arthur and their destiny is intertwined as its Merlin’s destiny to help Arthur through his rise to be a king.

Bradley James iZombie

He played Lowell Tracey in iZombie season 1. He was a musician under the Max Rager record label and is originally from London. He came to Seattle to be with a girl, but things did not work out for them.

He first appears in Flight of the Living Dead as a member of the Max Rager skydiving crew and possible suspect in the death of Holly White. After catching Liv snooping through Carson McComb’s things during Holly’s memorial, he finally gets some alone time with Liv. He outs Liv as a zombie and admits that he himself is one. He goes on to explain how adrenaline rush sent him into full-on zombie mode right before jumping out of the plane, which is why he insisted that Holly jump before him and also why he did not immediately meet up with the rest of the skydiving group upon landing safely on the ground.

Bradley James Damien

Bradley plays the role of Damien Thorn in Damien, an A&E television series based on the horror film series The Omen. The series follows Damien Thorn w a 30-year-old war photographer who has forgotten his Satanic past, facing his true identity. He will be helped by Ann Rutledge, who has protected him all his life, to embrace his Antichrist side.

The show was cancelled after one season due to low rates. The last episode was aired on 9th May 2016.

Bradley James Underworld

Bradley James plays the role of Varga, a vampire, in Underworld: Blood Wars. He is a Death Dealer in the Eastern Coven following the Purges. He’s the lover of Semira before David reveals he’s the true ruler of the Eastern Coven. Not much is known about Varga’s past.

Bradley James Net worth

Bradley has an estimated net worth of $ 5 million.

Bradley James Movies and TV Shows

Jul-05Medici: Masters of FlorenceGiuliano de’ MediciMain role (season 2)
Jul-05Bounty HuntersWebb Sherman, Keegan ShermanMain Role
Jul-05DamienDamien ThornLead role
Jul-05iZombieLowell TraceyRecurring role
Jul-05HomelandJ.G. EdgarsThe Drone Queen
Jul-05Children in NeedArthur1.3
2008–2012MerlinArthur PendragonMain role
Jun-05LewisJack RothMusic to Die For
Jun-05Dis/ConnectedBenTV film

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